May 27, 2016

DConf 2016: Code, Growth & Community

Panorama photo of DConf 2016

As with all great open source technologies, we believe that it’s a community effort which will further the D Language. This is why DConf is so important: it’s that one time of the year when the community can get together, and actually meet, talk and innovate in-person. That’s why we’re in full support the newly-formed D Foundation and why last April we co-hosted DConf 2016, here in Berlin, at the spacious Heimathafen Neukölln.

Photo of the DConf 2016 lanyardsFor Sociomantic, it’s all about the people, and we had quite a few of them this time around: 150 attendees from all over the world (ranging from language founder, Walter Bright to well-known professional developers and even hobby programmers), almost that same number of people following the live stream, and thousands of views in total. This fourth edition of DConf was, by far, the biggest one yet, bringing once again the ever-growing community together in Germany’s capital city of Berlin.

With 18 speakers (not including the lightning talks) and 22 sessions, topics ranged from low level ones such as how the D compiler works to higher level use casesPhoto of Sociomantic D Developers during their DConf 2016 panel like video game design or single page application programming with D. Beyond the traditional speaker presentations, the audience enjoyed two different panel talks and participated via Q&A interaction (with even questions coming from people watching the live stream), followed by book signings from mentors of the D language community.

One of my personal favorite highlights was when we presented Andrei Alexandrescu with an illustrated t-shirt of his own face, as an homage to his contributions to the community. This by itself is an example of the open, informal, friendly and certainly humorous environment that marked the entire event.

In case you’re wondering, DConf 2017 is already being discussed between Sociomantic and the D Foundation, and it appears that Berlin will once again be the city of choice, based on a live voting session conducted at the conference. Regardless of location, day or time, we hope to see you all there!

Photo of all 150 DConf attendees and speakers

May 17, 2016

D's Auto Decoding and You

One feature of D that is confusing to a lot of new comers is the behavior of strings in relation to range based features like the foreach statement and range algorithms. In this post, I will detail the practice of auto decoding and some of its pitfalls.