October 17, 2014


ponce has put together bindings for Nvidia’s CUDA API. You can reference it in your DUB dependencies as derelict-cuda with a release tag of 1.0.0. And you can visit the git repo at DerelictOrg.

October 12, 2014

Derelict 3 Removed From DUB Repository

I stopped maintaining Derelict 3 about three months ago, but now and again I see people mention it in the newsgroups. With the latest DMD, it no longer compiles. I have absolutely no intention of fixing it, given that DerelictOrg is the way to go now.

All the packages were migrated to DerelictOrg except for two: the libtcod and FreeGLUT bindings. I have no idea if anyone is using them, but together they are one of the reasons I haven’t deleted the repository. However, today I did remove Derelict 3 from the DUB registry. I certainly don’t want to encourage anyone new to use it.

Anyone who feels they absolutely must have Derelict 3 and can’t deal with DerelictOrg should clone the Derelict 3 repo and maintain their own copy. It’s possible that I will delete it at some point if it proves to be too much of a source of confusion for newcomers.

October 11, 2014

T3 Updated

I’ve done some work on my toy game app, T3, a simple little TicTacToe implementation for D newcomers  to play around with and learn some features. Primarily, I just updated the long outdated README and edited some comments, but I did make a minor change to the source. I wanted to post about it here to remind people that it’s out there. If you’re new to D and have an interest in games, take the code, extend it, change it, do whatever you want with it.

Be aware that I’ve suddenly encountered a problem with the sound effects on my system and I haven’t yet figured out what that’s about. I won’t be looking into it any time soon, though, so that could be another, as they say, exercise for the reader :)

October 04, 2014

DerelictGL3 — Bugfixes and Support for OpenGL 4.5

I’ve gone through the OpenGL loader in DerelictGL3 and found a few things that were a bit off, mostly in the ARB extension loader. A few were missing, some were implemented but not loaded. Mostly it had to do with flags being set improperly for extensions that have no associated functions. At any rate, the extension loader should be more robust now, though I plan to go through later and make it even more so.

Support for 4.5 is completely untested, so if you happen to have a card and driver combo that exposes the 4.5 API, I’d love to hear if it works for you. Use the 1.0.7 1.0.8 tag in your dub configurations to get it.